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Aaron Gurman


prey adaptations



There is only one predator of remora's and that is humans.



Habitat of a Remora is in warmer parts of the ocean where it sticks on to multiple sea animals.



It is not known how they reproduce (have kids)



The remora used to be thought to eat the scraps of other fish but no people realized that they cling onto a host and the hosts body  or gill chambers 

The remora doesn't have any swim bladder


Economic importance to humans

The remora is used to catch sharks turtles and large fish. people all around the world use them by strapping them to  a fishing rod and than realizing them the remora will find a fish turtle or shark and attach to it witch would be pulled lightly back to the fisherman. some fishermen in Australia eat them after they catch these fish but people in the west Indies sing songs about them


I am going to compare the Great White Shark


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Dude, you need description, habitat, Predator\prey adaptations, (both) and symbiosis. You need to right MOAR to!

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