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Reef Shark

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The average Reef shark is 1.6 meters or 5.2 feet. The Reef shark has a slender body so it can manoeuvre through caves and rocks under the ocean. There are four different kinds of Reef Sharks. There is the Black tipped Reef Shark, Caribbean Reef Shark, Grey Reef Shark and the White tipped Reef Shark. There are two types of reef shark that live in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The White tipped Reef Shark and the Grey Reef Shark. I will be focusing on the White Tipped Reef shark and the Grey Reef shark.




The White Tipped Reef Shark is an average length of 1.6 meters or 5.2 feet. The White Tipped Reef Shark is called the White Tipped Reef Shark because its whole body is covered with an eerie shade of grey except the bottom of the shark where the remoras hang from. The bottom of the shark is a greyish whitish color. As I was saying it’s called the white tipped reef shark because on the tip of the sharks dorsal fin the is a splash of bright white that looks like the shark went through a bad paint job.



The Grey Reef shark is an average length of 1.9 meters or 6.2 feet. The Grey Reef shark is like a Great White shark. The bottom is white while the top is grey that’s why I am guessing the Grey Reef Shark is called the Grey Reef Shark. 

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