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Reef Shark

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            The average Reef shark is 1.6 meters or 5.2 feet. The Reef shark has a slender body so it can manoeuvre through caves and rocks under the ocean. There are four different kinds of Reef Sharks. There is the Black tipped Reef Shark, Caribbean Reef Shark, Grey Reef Shark and the White tipped Reef Shark. There are two types of reef shark that live in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The White tipped Reef Shark and the Grey Reef Shark. I will be focusing on the White Tipped Reef shark and the Grey Reef shark.




The White Tipped Reef Shark is an average length of 1.6 meters or 5.2 feet. The White Tipped Reef Shark is called the White Tipped Reef Shark because its whole body is covered with an eerie shade of grey except the bottom of the shark where the remoras hang from. The bottom of the shark is a greyish whitish color. As I was saying it’s called the white tipped reef shark because on the tip of the sharks dorsal fin the is a splash of bright white that looks like the shark went through a bad paint job.

  The Grey Reef shark is an average length of 1.9 meters or 6.2 feet. The Grey Reef shark is like a Great White shark. The bottom is white while the top is grey that’s why I am guessing the Grey Reef Shark is called the Grey Reef Shark.





The Habitat of the Reef Shark is in the Great Barrier Reef. The reef sharks love to cruise around of the depths of the ocean. If you ever go to Australia and want to see a Reef shark I advise you to go through caves and small wholes. The Reef Shark likes to be in small caves because they have the perfect body for it as I said before. Long but thin to get through small caves and wholes.

 They also like to call the caves there home because they are not the biggest and most powerful fish in the sea so they like to hide. The only fish that they will hide from is a Great White Shark. I am not saying that

Great White Shark eats a Reef Shark but they could very easily if they wanted because certain times Great White Sharks could kill or eat each other.






                              Prey Adaptation

            The reef shark doesn’t have any predators except for the great white shark. Great White Sharks don’t usually eat Reef Sharks but when they have no other source of food that’s what they will eat. They use the same techniques to escape an attack as attacking they both swim away to get away from an attack and to attack an animal. Great White Shark


Predator Adaptation

Reef Shark eat many different animals and species that are smaller than it. It feeds on reef fish, squid, octopus and various crustaceans such as crabs and shrimp. They use their speed and flexibility to out swim their prey.


            A symbiosis to the shark is a Remora. The Remora’s dorsal fin is an oval sucker like organ that opens and closes and keeps itself attached to bigger marine animals such as a Reef Sharks. Remoras can swim fine by themselves. They often just like to hitch a ride on something bigger and faster. Like a Reef Shark or a whale or a boat. Remora



            There are many different species in the sea but the one that I find most common with the reef shark is the Great White Shark. I will be using the White Tipped Reef Shark


White Tipped Reef Shark:


  • ·      The White Tipped Reef Shark has a splash of white on its dorsal fin

Things They Have In Common:


  • ·      Both sharks have white as their bottom half and grey as their top half
  • ·      They are both shaped the same
  • ·      They both have all the shark parts (such as, a dorsal fin, fins and gills)
  • ·      They both are no where near being a vegetarian
  • ·      Both live almost everywhere in the world (Oceania, Caribbean, The United-States and South-America

Great White Shark:


  • ·      The Great White Shark is bigger
  • ·      The Great White Shark eats bigger food

Great White Shark  



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