Minke Whale

                                                    Minke Whale 



     The Minke whale is part of the Cetacea group. The Minke whale is dark grey and white. It measures 22-24 feet and weighs as much as 14 tons. Females often grow 1-2 feet more than the male and weigh a bit more. The Minke whale is the second smallest whale, compared to the blue whale who measures 105 feet the Minke whale is small. They have a thick layer of blubber which protects them from the cold. The Minke whale has large fins that measure 1/8 . Minke whales have between 240-360 baleen plates on each side of their mouth. They live from 30-50 years old, or sometimes in special cases 60 years.




     Minke whales prefer boreal waters, but can also be found in tropical and subtropical waters. They often feed in cold waters at higher latitude. Minke whales can be found in both coastal/inshore and oceanic/offshore areas.


Predator adaptation



Prey adaptation





Barnacles take advantage of the Minke whale but the minke whale is not affected. 


Species similarities:



 The Minke whale is is similar other whale, the humpback whale. 









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