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Parrot Fish

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                                                                                    Parrot Fish by Francis Ferst




Maximum sizes vary within the family, with the majority of species reaching 30–50 cm in length. Parrot Fish are in the family Scaridae.  



Parrotfish are found mostly on tropical coral reefs and lagoons in the Indo-pacific region.They can also be found on coral reefs in the Western Atlantic region, the Red Sea and the Caribbean.


Prey And Predator 




Parrot fish are herbivores, They eat marine Algae . But they also eats different types of coral. 




When parrot fish are young they are haunted by bigger fish. When they are older they gain more and bigger predators such as the black tip reef shark, Octopuses, bigger carnivore fish and also large eels.   




When parrot fish eat the Algae of the coral they some time eat it. Wich means they parrot fish are benefiting from the coral and and they coral is getting damage. This means that it is a parasitic relationship.



Comparison with the Surgeonfish


The Surgeonfish  and the parrot fish both eat Algae, they both live on the coral reef and they are both vital to  not keeping reefs weed-dominated by eating the weed and the Algae. They both have very colourful bodies. Parrot fish mostly have green, blue, orange and yellow bodies and the Surgeonfish have mostly blue and yellow bodies. 




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