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Clown Fish

Zoe Grossman



A clown fish is a type of fish. It can be orange and white or black and white and these colors are stripes. It is could be any size, small medium or big. It weighs approximately any where from 5 grams to 5 pounds. They will usually grow 2-5 inches in length.The clownfish has a heart with 4 chambers, also it has a ventral fin which helps them get air. They swim in schools with at least 50 fish but there sometimes can be more. Clownfish could live for at least 8 years or more. 




Clown fish live in on the bottom of the ocean. They live in the pacific ocean, the red sea and indian ocean. They shelter them selfs in reefs or shallow lagoons. They live off the coastal region near Japan and near the great barrier reef in northwest Australia. They also live of the coast of the Ryukyu Island in Malaysia. 


Predator Adaptions

Clown fish are omnivores which means that they eat both meat and plants. They eat shrimp, algae and marine worms such as the christmas tree worm and the nudibranch. They hunt their food by eating it off other animals or because the clownfish is covered in snot, other animals will come on and slide off and sometimes get eaten by the fish. 


Prey Adaptations

Clown fish are covered in mucus to protect them from getting stung by other animals. They are eaten by a great white shark and reef shark, lionfish, grouper, and barracuda. 



The clown fish has a mutualism with sea anemone. This is because the clownfish will eat small invertebrates which means small animals without a back bone that would normally harm the sea anemone. This is a mutualism because the clownfish benefits from eating the small invertebrates to get food and the sea anemone benefits from not being harmed.


Comparison to another Species

I will be comparing the clown fish to the Surgeonfish. One thing that they certainly have in common is that they are both fish and they both live in the ocean. Also they both live off reefs and they both eat algae. One of the differences is there color. Clownfish are orange or white or black and white while a surgeon fish is blue and yellow. Also surgeonfish can grow from 15-40 cm which is bigger then a clown fish. 


A fun fact

The clownfish may sound familiar to you and it happens to be a famous well know type of fish. This is because Nemo in the movie Finding Nemo is a clownfish! 





Andrew Ratcliff, June 2 2013


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